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Custom Design

Work alongside our world-class jewelry makers to create the jewelry piece of your dreams. Learn more about our custom designs and find out how to create your once-in-a-lifetime piece today.

* Fana crafts pieces in Platinum and 14kt and 18kt Gold only.


Our Process

Step 1

1 . Concept

Bring your ideas and work together with a sales associate at the store to design your one of a kind, individualized piece of fine jewelry.
Step 2

2 . CAD

Next, we’ll add another dimension to your design through computer-aided design so you can better visualize what your piece will look like once fashioned.
Step 3

3 . Approval & Completion

After you’ve given us feedback and our jewelers have fine-tuned your dream design to perfection, you’ll give us your stamp of approval then we will execute. In just a little more time, your custom-design journey will conclude with a gorgeous piece that you’ll adore for years to come.